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הכסף האמריקאי אינו מובטח, גור אלרואי וג'יי רודרמן, 30.6.2013

Israel is taking American Jews for granted, Jay Ruderman & Gur Alroey 8.7.2013

The Zionist Enterprise and American Jewry, Gur Alroey 19.3.2014

Stars and Stripes of David at odds, Elad Uzan 11.9.2014

Oceans that divide, Jay Ruderman 4.12.2014

Why we need birthright in reverse? Jay Ruderman 19.2.2015

A critical moment in Israeli-American Jewish Relations, Jay Ruderman 13.5.2015

Why Jewish historians should stand behind Zionism, Gur Alroey 8.8.2016

התבוללות, היטמעות, התרחקות: כך מצטמק העם היהודי, טלי פרקש 16.10.16,7340,L-4860860,00.html

יהדות ארה"ב: ישראלים, זכרו שאנחנו כאן בזכותם, גור אלרואי 4.5.2017,7340,L-4957477,00.html

If it were not for US Jewry, we probably wouldn't have a State, Gur Alroey 11.5.2017,7340,L-4960585,00.html

מצפון תיפתח הטובה, גור אלרואי 12.5.2017


University of Haifa, Ruderman Family Foundation launch pioneering 'American Jewish Studies' program, Jeffrey F. Barken and Jacob Kamaras 2013

New program takes on Israeli ignorance of US Jewry, Haviv Rettig Gur 30.9.2013

תכנית חדשה ללימודי יהדות ארה"ב, אורלי סנטו 21.10.2013,7340,L-4443608,00.html

Remarks by former Ambassador Daniel Shapiro at the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies, University of Haifa, 20.11.2013

 Amb. Daniel Shapiro, 21.11.2013

נלחמים בניכור: תואר שני ביהדות ארה"ב, טלי פרקש 31.3.2014,7340,L-4505211,00.html

New program: Master's degree in US Jewry studies, Tali Farkash 2.4.2014,7340,L-4505598,00.html

Reverse Birthright: Pioneering Academic Program Takes Israelis on US Adventure, Jeffrey F. Barken 6.6.2014

Conference of Presidents participate in Ruderman Program on Israel-Diaspora relations

Unique programs at a unique university, Dan Zeller

Dr. Gary P. Zola to Serve as Visiting Professor at the University of Haifa, 26.4.2016

'Reverse Birthright' gives Israelis a look at America's Jews, from Phillip Roth to the Three Stooges, Ben Sales 23.6.2016  

Birthright or Birth Light, Jennifer Williams 26.7.2016

Seeing the bigger picture, Noa Amouyal & Seth J. Frantzman 10.5.2017


Wednesday: Knesset to mark 100 years of Jewish-American involvement in the Yishuv and the State of Israel with a series of committee meetings and events, 24.5.2016

לראשונה: יום הוקרה ליהדות ארצות הברית בכנסת, צביקה קליין 25.5.2016

Israel celebrates US Jewry's historic contributions to Zionism, Erica Terry 25.5.2016

Knesset Ceremony Honors U.S. Jews' Contributions to Israel, 25.5.2016

Knesset honors 100 year old bond between American Jews and Israel, Lahav Harkov & Laura Sigal 25.5.2016

Yankee Come Home: Knesset marks 100 years of Jewish-American Involvement in Israel, 25.5.2016

Watch: Israel honors 100 years of American Jewry's contributions, Yoni Kempinski 26.5.2016

Israeli leaders honor American Jewry's contributions to Israel at first-ever Knesset ceremony, 29.5.2016

 A ceremony at the Knesset marking the 'Jewish American Contribution to the Yishuv and the State of Israel', Andrea Arbel 1.6.2016

Research Paper no.1 (Prof. Gil Troy):

US Jews 'more pro-choice than pro-Israel,' new study says, Eric Cortellessa 26.9.2016

American Jewish Voters Are More Pro-choice Than pro-Israel, Study Finds, Judy Maltz 26.9.2016

Study finds that US Jews are 'more pro-choice' than 'pro-Israel' when voting, 26.9.2016

US Jews contribute half of all donations to the Democratic Party, Jeremy Sharon 27.9.2016

Half of all donations to the Democratic Party come from Jews

Research Paper no.2 (Alon Pinkas):

New Study examines American Jewry's relationship with Israel, 27.1.2017

Israel no longer in top five issues influencing American Jewish voters, Lidar Grave-Lazi 27.1.2017

US Jews and Israel: on 'Different Paths', Steve Lipman 26.1.2017

Israel increasingly 'Divisive' among American Jews, study shows, Judy Maltz 26.1.2017

Trump, Netanyahu and American Jews, 1.2.2017

Israel: Unifying or Divisive, 7.2.2017